Ahead of Arizona Primaries, Hispanic Voters Most Concerned by Inflation, Low Wages, Housing and Health Care

PHOENIX, Ariz. — In advance of Arizona’s primary elections on Tuesday, March 19, UnidosUS – the nation’s largest Latino civil rights organization – is highlighting the priorities of Arizona’s Latino voters and their decisive role in shaping the political landscape in the state and beyond. Surveyed by UnidosUS as a part of the largest national poll this election cycle on the views of Hispanic voters, Latino voters in Arizona are strongly focused on economic and pocketbook issues. Topping the list of most important issues elected officials should address were concerns about the cost of living, low wages, housing and health care costs. In 2020, nearly 91% of Latino registered voters turned out to vote in this highly competitive state. 

“More than 800,000 Latinos voted in Arizona in 2020, where the presidential margin of victory was 10,457 votes,” said Clarissa Martinez De Castro, Vice President of the UnidosUS Latino Vote Initiative. “In 2024, it is expected that 1 in 5 Latinos casting a ballot in the state will be doing so for the first time in a presidential election. Add to that equation the nearly half a million Latino Arizonians in need of registration, and it is clear that investments to close the registration gap and early and effective outreach addressing these voters’ priorities will again be decisive,” said Clarissa Martinez De Castro, Vice President of the UnidosUS Latino Vote Initiative.  

“Arizona’s Hispanic voters are making their voices heard loud and clear, prioritizing economic stability, affordable housing, and accessible healthcare. As the path to November unfolds, it’s crucial for candidates to address these pressing concerns and engage with this vibrant and growing electorate if they want to win their support,” said Enrique Davis-Mazlum, UnidosUS Arizona State Director. 

Full results for the poll are available in the UnidosUS Hispanic Electorate Data Hub, a multidimensional platform providing data and insights on Hispanic voters spanning the last two decades. Key findings from Arizona’s Hispanic electorate: 

On the issues:  

  • Economy: Four of the top five concerns for Arizona’s Hispanic voters are dominated by pocketbook issues, specifically inflation and the rising cost of living, wages, affordable housing and healthcare costs. 
  • Gun violence: The 5th top issue, with voters concerned about ease of access to guns and assault weapons.   
  • Immigration: Almost tied with gun violence, on immigration, Latino voters prioritize creating pathways to citizenship for those brought here as children and for long-residing undocumented immigrants. 
  • Abortion: 65% believe it is wrong to make abortion illegal or to take that decision away from others, no matter their own personal beliefs on the issue.  

On voting: 

  • In 2024, 19% of Arizona’s Latinos will be voting in a presidential election for the first time.  
  • 33% of Arizona’s Hispanic electorate is composed of new voters since Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump faced off in 2016.