Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Toolkit

Research Report

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With 55 years of advocacy work, UnidosUS is the voice of the Latino community.

Corporations and organizational partners alike turn to UnidosUS often for guidance, counsel, and collaboration when developing DEI strategies and programming. This toolkit provides a deep dive into the current DEI landscape with a focus on the Latino community and serves as a guide with important information for corporations looking to make DEI a cornerstone of their business. Our intent is to ensure that the Latinx workforce is well represented and informed on how to intersect with all groups and stand out in ways that shift the mainstream. UnidosUS is a convenor of various partners, sectors, and thought leaders. The tools and resources we have gathered here guide and support our connection to DEI leaders making an impact in the way Latinos are included and integrated in DEI investments, initiatives, programs, and goals.

Through our work, our team offers a unique perspective as we serve at the intersection of the local and national community; we help lead the national conversation on Latino inclusion; and we leverage our relationships across several sectors including business, government, policy, education, health and more.


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