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This multidimensional platform was created to provide detailed insights into the perspectives and priorities of Hispanic voters and promote an accurate understanding of the Hispanic electorate. It takes a closer look at the makeup, distribution, and participation trends of the Latino electorate, nationally and in the states, spanning the last two decades; multi-year dynamic polling data on leading issues and concerns for Hispanic voters, their views on parties and candidates, and outreach received; and the potential impact of this fast-growing electorate in competitive districts.

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The UnidosUS Latino Vote Initiative seeks to grow Latino political power and agency by establishing an accurate understanding of the Hispanic electorate, fostering greater and more effective engagement with these voters, and leading campaigns and systems approaches that increase Latino electoral and advocacy participation and generate responses to the community’s priorities.

Our work is grounded in a culturally competent understanding of the challenges and opportunities our community is facing and builds on the expertise that flows between and among our policy experts and field practitioners nationally and in the states, partnerships with our Affiliate Network of local community-based organizations and sister organizations, and direct community engagement.

In the last two decades, UnidosUS has registered nearly one million Latino voters, and in each of the last two election cycles, has reached over half a million voters through its Get-Out-the-Vote (GOTV) efforts. In addition to those programs, our work includes policy advocacy, research and analysis, and litigation to ensure the path to the voting booth remains unimpeded for all Americans.

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