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Our experts have decades of experience analyzing trends that affect Latinos on the federal and state levels. Our expertise extends beyond the Latino vote to include our core issue areas. To schedule an interview with one of our experts please contact [email protected].


Amalia Chamorro, Director, Education Policy | Read bio


Rita Carreón, Vice President, Health | Read bio

Housing and Economic empowerment

Laura Arce, Senior Vice President, Economic Initiatives | Read bio

Lautaro “Lot” Diaz, Vice President, Housing and Community Development | Read bio

Immigrant integration

Clarissa Martinez, Vice President, Latino Vote Initiative | Read bio

Laura Vasquez, Associate Director, Immigrant Integration | Read bio

Political empowerment and the Latino vote

Clarissa Martinez, Vice President, Latino Vote Initiative | Read bio

Eric Rodriguez, Senior Vice President of Policy and Advocacy | Read bio

Jared Nordlund, Florida State Director | Read bio

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