Workforce Development

Latinos contribute to America’s workforce every day. We want them to be able to share in the nation’s economic opportunities, including the jobs of the future.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to succeed in the workplace

We fight to ensure that Latinx jobseekers have access to jobs that pay family-sustaining wages and offer opportunities for career advancement and to remove the barriers that create unequal challenges for communities of color when they enter the workforce. 

We work with UnidosUS Affiliates, other community-based organizations, and corporate partners to create high-quality programs that provide Latinos with the training and skills they need to start or excel in their career.  

We’re driven to help Latinx jobseekers and small business owners obtain and develop in-demand skills; build the capacity of community-based workforce development organizations; and advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion in hiring practices.  

Latino workforce statistics

29 million

The number of Latinx in the U.S. workforce.

1 out of 5

By 2030, one out of five U.S. workers will be Hispanic.


The labor force participation rate of Latinos, among the highest of any race or ethnicity.


The number of projected net new workers between 2020 and 2030 that will be Latino.


Over the past decade, the number of Hispanic business owners grew 34%, compared to 1% of all business owners in the United States.

Workforce Development & Affiliates

The Workforce Development (WFD) component enables an ecosystem that supports Latinx individuals in their journey to thrive in the workforce and achieve economic prosperity. For this to happen, Latinx jobseekers need access to jobs that pay family-sustaining wages and offer opportunities for career advancement. The WFD team builds the capacity of Affiliates and other Latinx service community-based organizations so they can implement innovative workforce development programs that prepare Latinx workers and small business owners for successful careers and promote systems change by working with all stakeholders to change practices that will allow Latinx individuals to access more training and employment opportunities.   

Our goals are:   

  1. Increasing demand-driven skills in Latinx job seekers and small business owners.   
  2. Building capacity of Affiliates and community-based workforce development organizations.   
  3. Influence systems change by incorporating diversity, equity, and inclusion principles to improve hiring and training practices.   

We work to support Latina jobseekers, who were disproportionately displaced from the workforce due to circumstances that were created by the pandemic. 

Digital skill development and access to technology are critical for Latinos and other jobseekers of color. 

We push for skills-based hiring and the removal of biases from the hiring process. 

Learn more about UnidosUS’s workforce development programs.

Latinos in Finance

Latinos in Finance (LIF) is a bilingual banker training implemented by Affiliates and nonprofit partners and sponsored by Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and JP Morgan Chase & Co. Launched in 2015, LIF’s goal is to improve pathways to employment for Latinx jobseekers in the commercial banking or finance industries. The cohort-based training utilizes our industry-recognized curriculum, Unidos in Banking, career activities, and job placement assistance. In 2021, the LIF program will be provided by 21 grantees, serving more than 900 jobseekers.   

Latinxs @ Work

The Latinxs @ Work ([email protected]) initiative aims to provide individuals with digital literacy and job readiness skills needed for upward mobility in an increasingly digital workforce. Implemented in 2019, the cornerstone of the initiative is the contextualized curriculum that prepares individuals to access and apply for jobs online as they gain digital literacy. Over the last few decades, digital literacy proficiency has become one of the most important skills needed to succeed in the workforce, and through [email protected], we strive to support programming that closes the digital literacy gap for the communities we serve. In 2021, the [email protected] program will be provided by 11 grantees, serving more than 800 jobseekers.

Comcast Digital Innovation

The Comcast Digital Innovation project supports digital solutions for four grantees that offer education and training to adults, including bilingual computer classes, Microsoft Office Suite certifications, and incumbent worker training.    

Latinos in Sales

Launching in California in Q3 2021, Latinos in Sales is a cohort-based training that prepares Latinos with skills, training, and tools to access professional hourly and salaried sales positions by supporting Affiliates that provide job readiness programs. The program will be provided by three grantees, serving more than 120 jobseekers.   

Latinos in Business

The Latinos in Business initiative isa training that prepares Latinos interested in upskilling or starting micro/small businesses by integrating contextualized digital literacy content for Affiliate programs that support small business development. The program is offered by four grantees, serving more than 200 entrepreneurs/small business owners.   

Latinos in Automotive 

Latinos in Automotive will be launched in 2022. The training will prepare Latinxs interested in careers in the automotive industry with the skills that they need to access high-wage jobs by combining Toyota training materials with job readiness modules. The program will be offered by three grantees, serving more than 150 jobseekers.   

UnidosUS Systems Change Initiatives

Re-Work America Alliance

 UnidosUS has joined forces with the Markle Foundation to implement the Rework America Alliance (RAA), an unprecedented nationwide collaboration to enable unemployed and lowwage workers to emerge from COVID-19 pandemic. The Rework America Alliance aims to help millions of workers, regardless of formal education, move into good jobs in the digital economy by accelerating the development of an effective system of worker training aligned to jobs that employers will need to fill. As part of the RAA efforts, there is the development of tools and trainings to facilitate and improve the operations of nonprofits that serve job seekers, as well as tools and trainings for employers around inclusive sourcing and hiring practices.  

National Technical Assistance Center for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Apprenticeships

UnidosUS has join forces with Jobs For the Future (JFF) and other DEI champions to provide hands-on training and support employers, education and training providers, and community organizations to help them increase diversity, equity, and inclusion in U.S. apprenticeships.

Workforce Development Forum

The UnidosUS Workforce Development Forum is a platform for stakeholders from across the country to brainstorm and identify solutions to the challenges faced by the Latino and immigrant workforce. The conference brings together businesses, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and training providers to network and learn from each other. Attendees leave the Forum energized and with new strategies for program enhancement.  

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