UnidosUS Commends Senate on Dismissal of Sec. Mayorkas Impeachment

Washington, D.C. The following statement was released by Janet Murguía, UnidosUS President and CEO.

“What the Senate did today in dismissing the unfounded impeachment articles was sensible, fair, and protects the gravity and integrity of the impeachment process. The evidence—if it can even be called that—clearly shows that Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas was fulfilling his duties and carrying out the administration’s border and immigration policies, not committing high crimes and misdemeanors. Sec. Mayorkas has demonstrated exceptional dedication during his 30-plus year career in law enforcement and public service, and has navigated immigration challenges with empathy and pragmatism. As an expert in immigration and a nationally recognized lawyer, his leadership reflects a commitment to safeguarding national security while upholding humanitarian values.

“The misguided attempt to impeach Sec. Mayorkas has served only as a partisan distraction  from the pressing need to address real challenges in strengthening border security and modernizing our immigration system. It is unconscionable that Congress has repeatedly failed, over decades, to advance bipartisan immigration reform—an inexcusable failure that exacerbates the already challenging task of leading the Department of Homeland Security.

“UnidosUS urges Congress to refocus its efforts on constructive, bipartisan solutions that will enhance border security, uphold American values, and provide a fair and efficient immigration system for all.”