Rita Carreón, Vice President, Health, UnidosUS

Rita Carreón

Vice President, Health

Rita Carreón is Vice President for Health at UnidosUS (formerly National Council of La Raza) in Washington, DC. In her current capacity, Rita Carreón leads efforts to improve Latinos’ well-being and access to quality, equitable health care by addressing the social determinants of health and cultivating leaders in health. The UnidosUS Health team works in close partnership with Affiliates, government and private funders, and other Hispanic-serving organizations to deliver quality health programming that are timely and culturally relevant and linguistically appropriate.

Rita serves as a member and advisor to national organizations, foundations and its committees and coalitions to advance access, equity and quality of health care for multicultural populations. She has co-authored peer-reviewed articles on the collection of race, ethnicity and preferred language to identify health disparities, the development of a health literacy tool, and health plans’ readiness to address multiple chronic care issues.

Rita received her Bachelor of Science degrees in Community and School Health and a post graduate certificate in health care administration at California State University, Long Beach (1997), and certified health insurance executive designation from AHIP’s Executive Leadership Program at Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University (2013-2014).