Public Comment Submission USCISOMB Control Number 1615-0116

Regulatory Comment

UnidosUS submitted public comments in opposition to a Department of Homeland Security, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) proposed a change to the fee waiver eligibility criteria for certain immigration and naturalization benefits applicants. UnidosUS expressed opposition to the USCIS rule which could eliminate the use of proofs establishing receipt of a means-tested benefit as evidence that a person qualifies for an application fee waiver. UnidosUS has long been concerned about the high fees associated with naturalization and has advocated keeping the cost of naturalization reasonable in the national interest. This rule could significantly harm the ability of eligible permanent residents to apply for naturalization and it would place a significant burden on legal service providers. In expressing its opposition to the rule, UnidosUS notes that the revision would increase the time, expense, and burden on applicants, their representatives, and on USCIS without substantial benefit to the agency.


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