Kentucky and North Carolina are Protecting All Their Medicaid Children During Unwinding

Fact Sheet

Mother testing infant Child's temperature.

After April 2023, every state was required to redetermine eligibility for all Medicaid beneficiaries.

This rapid “unwinding” of COVID-19 continuous enrollment requirements has already caused more children to lose Medicaid than during any previous three-year period in American history. Medicaid covers children of all races and ethnicities, but children from Hispanic families and other communities of color face exceptionally high risks, since more than half of their children rely on Medicaid for healthcare.

To limit families’ losses, Kentucky and North Carolina are pausing redeterminations for all Medicaid children for one year. The Biden-Harris Administration is encouraging other states to do the same. State officials across America should immediately implement this simple but powerful option to prevent Medicaid children in their state from losing healthcare during the remaining unwinding.


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