Hispanic Organizations Urge Congressional Leaders to Support Stronger WIC Nutritional Standards

Congressional Letter

Components of a balanced diet.

In a letter to congressional leaders, UnidosUS and 12 Hispanic advocacy organizations urge Congress to support USDA’s proposed nutritional enhancements to the WIC food package that would benefit the 2.7 million Latinos enrolled in the program.

As the letter explains, USDA has proposed changes to the WIC program that would ensure that breakfast cereals purchased with WIC dollars meet stronger whole grain requirements. This important change is based on objective recommendations made by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. Currently, Hispanic children and adults maintain the country’s lowest average daily consumption of whole grains, contributing to disproportionate ailments, including diabetes and obesity. By improving these WIC standards, we would help create healthier Hispanic communities that already struggle to meet their nutritional needs.


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