UnidosUS: AZ Lawmakers’ Proposals Threaten Livelihood and Safety of Latino Working Families  

Phoenix, AZ – Arizona lawmakers have introduced a series of proposals targeting immigrants and businesses across the state. One of these extreme proposals still in consideration, HB2843, permits the use of deadly physical force if individuals believe they are preventing criminal trespass, namely immigrants, on their property. Another proposal in HCR 2060, currently in the Arizona State Senate, would significantly expand E-Verify compliance to social services and business contractors.  

“These set of anti-immigrant bills, are not humane, they are bad for business, and are simply bad for Arizona,” said Enrique Davis-Mazlum, Arizona State Advocacy Director for UnidosUS. “These bills open the door to racial profiling for immigrant and Latino Arizonans and impact their employment prospects by making it harder for businesses to hire people who look and sound foreign-born. Given Latinos make up a third of Arizonans, any adverse impact on their public safety and economic wellbeing will inevitably impact the state. These types of legislative efforts are putting partisan politics ahead of real solutions. This takes us back to a time of divisive and discriminatory politics in Arizona, not forward.”  

Fourteen years ago, SB1070 was signed into law, marking one of the harshest bills targeting immigrants and people of color, particularly Latinos, in state history. Since then, Arizona has made strides toward inclusivity and becoming a welcoming state. The future of Arizona is intertwined with the future of the Latino community. Any legislation that hurts Latinos, hurts Arizona. Lawmakers must put aside partisan politics and prioritize the public safety, economy and reputation of the state, starting with withdrawal of HCR 2060.  

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