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Esperanza Hope for All (EHFA)

Use this social media toolkit to help showcase the impact of the Child Tax Credit for all children, and advocate for Congress to include an expansion of the Child Tax Credit in any year-end legislation.

December 6, 2022

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NHLA Letter: Medicaid Protection

UnidosUS joins our sister civil rights organizations calling on congressional leaders to prevent Hispanic families from losing Medicaid when the public health emergency ends and to provide full funding parity for Puerto Rico’s Medicaid program.

December 6, 2022

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2022 UnidosUS Latinx Health Equity Summit Banner

The 2022 UnidosUS Latinx Health Equity Summit Fact Sheets discuss the current state of five issue areas in health: community engagement in health research, COVID-19 vaccine access, social and emotional well-being, health care access, and food security.

December 2, 2022

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State of Latinos and Health: A Fact Sheet Series

The series aims to highlight community-based approaches and case studies of programs and policies that seek to solve these disparities and advance health equity in the Latino community.

December 2, 2022

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Shining a Light on Promotores de Salud

Since 2013, UnidosUS has made significant headway in addressing food insecurity in Latino communities across the nation through its national program—Comprando Rico y Sano (Buying Healthy and Flavorful Foods) led by community health workers (promotores de salud).

November 30, 2022

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National Poll of Latino Parents Regarding Children’s Vaccination

This survey, conducted by BSP Research, on Latino parents, shares findings on parent experiences with the pandemic, decisions to vaccinate themselves or their children, trusted information sources, and specific COVID-19-related concerns for those with children 18 and under.

November 14, 2022

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