Priorities for Advancing Latino Homeownership

Research Report

Family of four outside of their new home.

This report presents a research agenda aimed at expanding and sustaining Latino homeownership in the United States.

With the Latino homeownership rate reaching its highest point since 2009, the report highlights the growing significance of Latinos in the housing market. The research agenda, developed in a collaboration between the Urban Institute and UnidosUS as part of the Home Ownership Means Equity (HOME) initiative, focuses on understanding the historical context, unique structural challenges, macro-level conditions, housing supply dynamics, Individual Tax Identification Number mortgages, and the impact of financial technology on Latino homeownership. The agenda emphasizes the need to address barriers and disparities while exploring the benefits and value of homeownership for Latino families. The report also stresses the importance of considering the heterogeneity of the Latino population and the transnational aspect of their economic lives. By addressing these critical research gaps, the research agenda aims to inform strategies and policies that promote access to homeownership and enhance the welfare of Latino households.



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