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This report focuses on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the largest of the federal civil rights enforcement agencies, and its efforts to address employment discrimination against Hispanics. To provide […]

December 3, 1993

Economy and EmpolymentEconomy and WorkforceEEOCEmployment Discriminationand 2 more tags

The following report contains the first-year research and findings of the NCLR Puerto Rican Young Men and Poverty Project. The Puerto Rican Young Men Project is a two-year community-based effort […]

August 6, 1993

Economy and EmpolymentEconomy and WorkforcePoverty ProjectPuerto Rico

Poverty has been a factor in virtually every Hispanic issue, from education to community development, from housing to civil rights. However, there is little documentation of the ways Hispanics have […]

November 2, 1990

Economy and EmpolymentEconomy and WorkforcePoverty ProjectWealth-Building

This report synthesizes research related to both immigration and poverty and outlines some preliminary public policy conclusions. Drawing primarily on immigration research, this paper focuses on the labor market relationship […]

April 20, 1990

Economy and EmpolymentImmigrationWealth-Building

Many observers predicted that the 1980s would be “The Decade of the Hispanic.” In many ways, the name fit, from 1980 to 1989. The following report identifies seven trends which […]

March 5, 1990

EconomyEmpolymentThe Poverty ProjectWealth-Buildingand 1 more tag

This guide for Hispanic community-based organizations will aid them in becoming effective partners in the AIDS education and prevention effort, then they need practical information on how to become involved–how […]

May 26, 1989

Acquired Immune Deficiency SyndromeAIDSAIDS-Related ComplexARCand 3 more tags

This paper reviews past and present efforts by the public and private sectors to reduce illiteracy in the United States and their effectiveness in reaching the Hispanic population.

July 1, 1988

Economy and WorkforceELLEnglish Language Learners

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