Always Hustling: Insights on Latinos in the Gig Economy and Enhancing Financial Stability


In this report, UnidosUS explores the gig-economy and gig-workers, looking at Latino gig-workers to understand the obstacles they face in those roles and to better understand the role that gig-work plays both in their individual lives and in the economy.

Combining information gathered through a UnidosUS 2019 poll of Latino gig-workers and roundtable discussions with ten members of the extensive UnidosUS affiliate network, this report provides a more comprehensive understanding of how Latinos utilize gig-work to build businesses, but continue to face barriers to growing wealth through this work because of barriers to banking, the lack of paid sick leave offered by gig-work, and the uncertainty that comes with short-term and often sporadic work. What is most prevalent is that the relationship between Latinos and gig-work is complex, long-standing, and born from equal parts necessity and aspiration.

For these reasons, it is critical that policymakers address the needs of Latino workers in this growing industry by ensuring that they have access to workplace protections, economic safety net programs, and the financial tools necessary to successfully manage app-based work.


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