UnidosUS Condemns Extreme Immigration Policies Proposed by Senate GOP

WASHINGTON, DCThe following is a statement by UnidosUS President and CEO Janet Murguía.

“UnidosUS strongly condemns Senate Republicans’ unconscionable attempt to exploit global crises to enact extreme immigration measures, and we urge lawmakers and the President to reject them. The slew of extreme immigration policies proposed by Senate Republicans not only imperils a government funding bill that addresses urgent domestic and foreign policy priorities, but would make the situation at the border far worse.

“The proposals reportedly under consideration by Senate Democrats and President Biden would shut down access to asylum, expand the mandatory detention of migrants—including children and families—and lead to the rapid deportation of long-term immigrants. Such an unprecedented crackdown on human beings would threaten the stability and safety of communities along the southern border and throughout our country.

“The Latino community—over 62 million strong–wants effective and humane solutions to strengthen our borders and protect people who are seeking security and opportunity in our country. Like most Americans, we want our leaders to put divisions aside and work in a bipartisan manner to enact workable solutions that make our country and communities stronger. Good-faith comprehensive immigration reform talks are the only way forward for passing immigration legislation that benefits all Americans, new and long-term immigrants, and the border.”

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