Congress, White House Must Say No to Proposals To Undermine Presidential Immigration Parole Authority That Would Threaten American Families

WASHINGTON, DC— Some extremist lawmakers in Congress want to make changes that would severely limit, or perhaps even eliminate, presidential immigration parole authority as part of negotiations over the emergency aid package, and a deal could be announced any day. Janet Murguía, President and CEO of UnidosUS—the nation’s largest Hispanic civil rights and advocacy organization—released the following statement in response:

“Immigration parole allows people to temporarily join or stay with their family in the United States. And America has benefited from immigration parole since 1952. Parole leads to a better managed border, reduces undocumented immigration, protects families, and allows people to work to support their families and fill crucial labor gaps. It also allows people facing danger abroad to seek temporary refuge, and for others to join family in the U.S. to care for a sick relative or attend a funeral.

“Extremist lawmakers are determined to take presidential immigration parole authority away. We can’t allow that to happen. UnidosUS is calling on our nation’s leaders to leave this essential tool intact. With legislative gridlock in Congress, the president needs flexible tools like immigration parole to address migration issues caused by our outdated laws. This authority is essential to enabling the president to effectively address the humanitarian crisis at our southern border.

“The Latino community wants a secure and orderly system on the border, but also one that is fair and humane. Protecting families and keeping them together must be a top priority for Congress and the president in their negotiations around government funding and border policy.”