UnidosUS on Biden’s First 100 Days: A Down Payment on Real Progress

UnidosUS launches new Latino Inclusion Tracker to highlight milestones and action needed next

WASHINGTON, DC—Today, UnidosUS released its analysis of the impact of the Biden administration’s first 100 days on the Latino community, Latinos on Biden’s First 100 Days: A Down Payment on Real Progress, which found that the Biden administration has advanced important measures in the last few months on Latino priorities, most notably the American Rescue Plan Act, but that much work remains to be done to fulfill the promise of the Biden agenda with regard to the Hispanic community. UnidosUS has developed the “Latino Inclusion Tracker” to monitor the administration’s actions and progress on key issues such as COVID-19 response, economic relief efforts, education, immigration, racial equity and presidential appointments, among others.

“The Biden administration promised a lot to Latino voters—who turned out in record numbers and made a difference in several key states—and they started delivering on those promises on day one. The largest number of first term Latino cabinet members, executive actions to restore DACA and TPS, the focus on racial equity throughout the federal government and the bold, innovative American Rescue Plan Act not only have helped to undo the untold damage of the last four years but has given renewed hope to our community,” stated UnidosUS President and CEO Janet Murguía.

Yet the analysis also spotlights areas where action is still required, especially in the implementation of the American Rescue Plan Act to ensure that the rescue plan truly includes, and responds to, the ongoing needs of the Latino community such as the equitable allocation of vaccines and new funding, culturally and linguistically competent outreach to increase SNAP enrollment, dedicated funding to mitigate learning loss for English learners, and eliminating barriers experienced by Latinos in accessing tax credits, stimulus payments and housing relief.

“The beginning of this administration is promising but it is just that: the beginning. In the coming months, for example, the administration needs to address inequities in the distribution of vaccines, the continued exclusion of mixed status families from some critical safety net programs, and the urgent need to provide immigration relief for millions, including essential workers. Using the Latino Inclusion Tracker from this day forward, UnidosUS will continue to monitor action and progress on the issues of greatest concern and work to hold the Biden administration accountable,” noted Murguía.

Latinos on Biden’s First 100 Days: A Down Payment on Real Progress can be found here.