UnidosUS and Rework America Alliance

Unlocking Job Progressions

The Rework America Alliance is a national collaboration advancing opportunities for millions of unemployed and low wage workers to move into good jobs.  The focus of the Alliance is to provide help for people who have built capabilities through experience but do not have a bachelor’s degree – particularly people of color and women as they have been disproportionately affected by the economic crisis.

Rework America Alliance

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of organizations surveyed indicated that at least 1 tool from Markle Foundation would be beneficial.

49% of Latino Adults

say they or someone in their household lost a job or took a pay cut since February 2020.


of organizations surveyed by UnidosUS reported a higher demand for workforce development services over the last year and a half.

Hispanic women

have experienced an especially steep rise in their unemployment rate, which jumped from 5.5% to 20.5% between February and April 2020.

The Basics

UnidosUS Partnership with the Markle Foundation

Rework America Alliance’s goal is to advance opportunities for millions of unemployed and low wage workers by opening opportunities for people of color and helping those who have built capabilities through experience but without a bachelor’s degree. ​

The work will focus on:​

  • Identifying and sharing promising, relevant job progressions ​
  • Identifying and sharing high-quality training programs ​
  • Sharing tools and training resources to help career coaches and other support specialists connect job seekers to good jobs ​
  • Driving the adoption of inclusive sourcing and hiring practices
  • Sharing tools and training resources for hiring managers and human resource specialists that will support skills-based hiring​

UnidosUS joins this initiative by the Markle Foundation to impact Latinx job seekers. This is a partnership between civil rights organizations, nonprofits, private sector employers, labor unions, educators, and others, including the UnidosUS Affiliate Network.

The Alliance Employer Toolkit

The Employer Toolkit is a comprehensive resource for employers when shifting to a skills-based approach for their job sourcing, postings, and hiring processes. A series of implementation tools and resources have been developed to make it easier for employers to adopt inclusive sourcing and hiring practices. This video provides a deeper dive into the functionality of the following Rework America Alliance employer tools:


  • Job Posting Generator (10:55 – 18:18)
  • Sourcing & Hiring “Quick Start” Playbook (18:18 – 22:18)
  • Job Specific Hiring Toolkit (22:23 – 25:58)

The Alliance Service Providers Training

Through this partnership, we are also bringing a Foundational Career Coach Training for individuals that provide direct services to job seekers. These courses have been developed: 

  • For the professional development of career coaches, employment specialists, and other staff that provide direct services to job seekers 
  • To encompass equitable career navigation, human-centered career coaching, skills-based hiring, and digital skills  
  • To provide up to nine hours of training sessions at no cost to you 

Learn more about it in this video, and start your training right now! Access the learning platform here, create an account, and enter the corresponding code at the bottom of the screen:  

  • If you are an UnidosUS Affiliate, please use this code: CUNIDOSAFFILIATE22    
  • If you are not an UnidosUS Affiliate, please use this code: CUNIDOSREFERRAL22 

Contact the Workforce Development team at [email protected] if you have any questions.



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