Latino Jobs Report: Latino Unemployment Rate Remains High at 8.8%

Fact Sheet

The October Latino jobs report takes an in-depth look at the possible long-term impacts of the COVID-19 economic crisis on Latino workers, specifically those whose jobs have been permanently lost.

With over half of all working Latinos losing their job or part of their income in March 2020 and the slow recovery that is happening in industries where Latino workers are concentrated, it is possible that the community will feel the effects of this economic crisis well into 2021.

As UnidosUS has documented over the past eight months, the current economic crisis has impacted nearly every aspect of Latinos lives, including jobs, housing, they way they work, their families economic futures, and their responsibilities at home. Based on all of these factors, Latinos viewed the economy as a top priority in the 2020 election, one that determined who they voted for and drove participation. Latinos have consistently showed support for measures to stop the spread of COVID-19 in communities, and feel strongly that Congress must pass additional legislation to provide relief to workers. This report explores the economic factors that pushed Latinos to the polls and all of the factors that contribute to Latinos economic concerns.


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