UnidosUS Unveils New Hispanic Electorate Data Hub, and with Mi Familia Vota and GALEO releases Polling on Georgia’s Hispanic Voter Priorities

Data Hub and survey are part of a multi-year, multi-state effort to build an accurate understanding of this electorate, grow Latino participation and advance community priorities 

WASHINGTON, DC— Last year, UnidosUS, the nation’s largest Latino civil rights and advocacy organization, and Mi Familia Vota, a national civic engagement organization, announced a multi-year, multi-state partnership connecting electoral programs, policy advocacy, research, and community engagement to lift Latino voices.    

As a part of this effort, UnidosUS and Mi Familia Vota today released the results of a 2023 Poll of Georgia’s Hispanic Electorate, conducted by BSP Research and joined by state partner GALEO, who recently conducted a survey project of Georgia’s Latino community. The 2023 poll provides timely insights into the perspectives and priorities of Georgia’s Hispanic voters a year out from the 2024 elections and is part of the most expansive national poll on the Hispanic electorate this cycle. 

Clarissa Martinez De Castro, Vice President of UnidosUS’s Latino Vote Initiative said “Hispanics are the second fastest-growing group of Georgians and a tipping point in the state’s electoral landscape and congressional balance of power. Oversimplifications about these voters have led to ineffective or anemic outreach, and that is why UnidosUS created a first-of-its kind Hispanic Electorate Data Hub which includes this and previous polls, to promote an accurate understanding of Latino voters in Georgia and nationwide and continues partnering with sister organizations nationally and in the states to organize and lift up Latino voices.” 

Key findings of the poll include 

On the issues 

  • Three of the top five concerns for Georgia’s Hispanic voters are dominated by economic and pocketbook issues, specifically inflation and the rising cost of living, jobs, and healthcare.  
  • Gun violence remained among the top five, doing so for the first time in 2022.
  • On abortion: 69% of Georgia’s Latino voters continue to oppose efforts to make it illegal or take that decision away from others, no matter their own personal beliefs on the issue.
  • On immigration: Immigration remains a priority issue in Georgia, ranking 5th in the top-issues list. Providing a path to citizenship for DACA recipients and other immigrants with long-standing ties in the country are the two big policies Latino voters want to see advanced on this issue.
  • On climate: 45% of Georgia’s Latinos think climate change is a serious problem that affects people’s lives. Only 7% doubt the reality of climate change.
  • Medicaid expansion: Over 76% of Georgia Hispanic voters favor expansion.


On voting 

  • In 2024, 23% of Georgia’s Latinos will be voting in a presidential election for the first time.
  • 41% of Georgia’s Latino electorate is comprised of new voters since Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump faced off in 2016. 

On the parties 

  • Latino voters in Georgia see Democrats as more aligned with their values and views on a host of issues including health care, treating people with dignity/respect, immigration, and democracy and elections. Yet the majority of Latino voters in the state don’t feel that either party truly cares about Latino voters. 
  • President Biden out-performs his approval rating (48% approve) in potential 2024 match-ups, where he holds a 21-point lead over former President Trump and a 35-point lead over Florida Governor DeSantis. 

This research shows that both parties need to do more to better engage and expand support with Hispanic voters.   

Irving Zavaleta, National Programs Manager for Mi Familia Vota said “Mi Familia Vota in Georgia is building Latino political power by expanding the electorate, strengthening coalitions and executing a year-round voter engagement program. We know that for Georgia to prosper, our community must thrive, engage and vote. These poll results, a year before Latino Georgians cast their ballot, clearly articulate what we hear from participants in our civic education and activation program, SYCLAC (Seminarios y Capacitaciones de Liderazgo y Acción Cívica).” 

Jerry Gonzalez, CEO of GALEO, said “These findings confirm what GALEO has seen in our previous poll and on the ground. Across the board, our Latino community is struggling with economic issues and healthcare. They are worried about gun violence. Latinos also care about action on climate change and protecting access to abortion for those who need it.  The community is vocal about its needs, and policymakers must address these as we head into the 2024 elections. For the past two decades, GALEO has been engaged in grassroots efforts and leadership development, paving the way for a more equitable Georgia. This remains our commitment moving forward.” 

About the full survey 

Total N=3,037 Latino eligible voters 

  • N= 2,707 registered 
  • N= 330 eligible, not registered 
  • Margin of error +/- 1.8% 


  • N=300 per: Arizona, California, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania (+/- 5.7%) 
  • N=400 Florida, Texas (+/- 4.9%) 

Field Dates: Nov 2 – 13, 2023 

English or Spanish, according to preference 

Mixed mode: 75% online, 25% live telephone interviews