UnidosUS on Biden’s First Year: Progress on Latino Priorities, But Must Have Long-Term Action in 2022

WASHINGTON, DC — Today, UnidosUS released its analysis of the impact of the Biden administration’s first-year policies on the Latino community.

The report, Biden’s First Year: Latinos See Progress, But Permanent Investments Are Needed, identifies key policies spearheaded by the Biden administration that improved (and will improve) the lives of Latino families — including the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) and the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA). These investments, however, fall short of the full promise of the Biden administration’s “Build Back Better” recovery agenda for workers and families, which would help reduce entrenched health and economic disparities in the Latino community.

“Latino families across the country have clearly benefitted from the economic relief President Biden secured early in his administration. But this temporary relief is no substitute for permanent investments,” stated UnidosUS President and CEO Janet Murguía. “Without full enactment of President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda, Latino workers, families, children, and students will continue to face barriers to reaching their full potential and compromises a lasting, equitable recovery for everyone.”

The one-year progress report also updates the Latino Inclusion Tracker, which UnidosUS first unveiled in 2021 following Biden’s first 100 days. The tracker monitors the administration’s actions and progress on key issues such as COVID-19 response, economic relief efforts, education, immigration, racial equity, and presidential appointments, among others.

In its report, UnidosUS warns that, without further action by the Biden administration, progress in 2022 will stall, along with any hopes of a lasting or equitable recovery. UnidosUS points to the following critical actions the Biden administration must take to fulfill its promise to reduce racial disparities and rebuild the nation for the benefit of everyone, including the Latino community:

  • Expanded access to affordable health coverage
  • Permanent extension of ARPA’s Child Tax Credit expansions
  • Reduced food insecurity for Latino children
  • Rental and homeowner assistance to keep families in their homes
  • Protection from deportation for frontline workers
  • Expanded access to Pell Grants and college completion grants for Latinx students

The full report, Biden’s First Year: Latinos See Progress, But Permanent Investments Are Needed, can be found here.