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This report outlines specific priorities that together help to inform policymakers, public officials, candidates, and the public about what matters to the Latino community and why. The discussion focuses on […]

February 29, 2004

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On the surface, this report is about Latino data. But, on a deeper level, it is also about America’s principles and core values. The emerging data provide an opportunity to […]

August 28, 2001


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This report paints a portrait of a military establishment in which Hispanics are underrepresented among Defense Department civilian employees and in virtually every branch of the armed services. Those Latinos […]

May 28, 1999

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This brief history chronicles the roots and development of NCLR from its beginnings as a regional Mexican American organization committed to providing institutional support to grassroots movements and organizations in the Southwest, to its current status as the largest—and by many measures the most influential—constituency-based national Hispanic organization and one of the most stable Hispanic institutions.

July 2, 1993

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The American education system is often portrayed as a pipeline, successfully transporting individuals from childhood to college or full participation in the world of work. However, it is becoming increasingly […]

August 8, 1986

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