UnidosUS and Mi Familia Vota National Survey of Latino Voters


UnidosUS and Mi Familia Vota National Survey of Latino Voters

National poll of Latino voters—priorities, values, policy perspectives, and views of and outreach from the parties.

In a period that has brought the shock of Uvalde, restrictions on women’s rights, and climate-related destruction, this large poll of 2,750 Latino voters found that their priorities have experienced a seismic shift, with gun violence/crime and abortion rising dramatically, while putting an exclamation point on the rising cost of living and jobs, traditionally at the top of this community’s long-standing concerns. While not at the top, Immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship continues to receive very strong support, including executive action if Congress does not act. Over half of Latino voters say they could not back a candidate supported or endorsed by White supremacist/nationalists groups. Both parties remain underwater compared to previous peak levels of support from Hispanic voters, putting a premium on the parties to address their chronic under-engagement with these voters.










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