Shining a Light on Promotores de Salud during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Fact Sheet

Shining a Light on Promotores de Salud

Since 2013, UnidosUS has made significant headway in addressing food insecurity in Latino communities across the nation through its national program—Comprando Rico y Sano (Buying Healthy and Flavorful Foods) led by community health workers (promotores de salud).

The program seeks to address food insecurity through culturally relevant nutrition education and enrollment assistance in SNAP and other federal nutrition programs for eligible Latino households. Promotores de salud deliver interactive and participatory educational sessions called charlas (“chats”) that instill healthy shopping, cooking, and eating habits among Latinos, as well as provide information and enrollment assistance into SNAP for eligible families. Promotores have been essential in demystifying misconceptions about SNAP, and they are sensitive to the feelings of fear or shame community members sometimes have in applying to federal nutrition programs.


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