Comments to the Federal Election Commission on Public Citizen’s Petition for Rulemaking on AI in Campaign Ads

Regulatory Comment

Deepfakes, fake news, and Artificial Intelligence

UnidosUS submitted comments to respond to the Federal Election Commission’s (FEC) request for public comment regarding Public Citizen’s Petition for Rulemaking on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Campaign Ads.

As the Petition notes, advances in AI technology have increased the risk that deepfakes—fabricated images, videos, or audio clips—can be created and disseminated to deceive voters, furthering the scale and reach of false narratives. To protect all voters, including Hispanics, against harms posed by advances in AI technology, we urge the FEC to act on the Petition for Rulemaking and clarify that the prohibition on fraudulent misrepresentation applies to deliberate use of AI deepfakes in campaign communications. This measured approach aligns with Constitutional principles and protects the integrity of both candidates and voters.


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