Amid Rising Hunger, Chairman Thompson’s Farm Bill Proposal Would Cut Crucial SNAP Benefits for Latino Families


Mother buying vegetables at a supermarket with her child in the cart.

Ahead of Congress’s negotiations on the Farm Bill reauthorization, new research from UnidosUS provides the first comprehensive state-by-state data on Latino participation in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

SNAP is a critical anti-hunger and anti-poverty lifeline for millions of Latinos, who are increasingly struggling to afford food for their families. As the Farm Bill reauthorization is debated, House Agriculture Committee Chairman G.T. Thompson’s proposed cuts to SNAP benefits threaten to severely undermine this vital program and worsen hunger in Latino communities nationwide.

Under Thompson’s proposal, SNAP recipients across all 50 states would see benefit cuts. However, these reductions would disproportionately harm Latino households in states like:

  • California: 2.8 million Latino participants
  • Texas: 2.3 million Latino participants
  • Florida: 1.1 million Latino participants

The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office estimates Thompson’s plan would slash SNAP by $30 billion over 10 years – taking food off the table for millions of low-income Latino families who rely on SNAP.


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