2003 NCLR Annual Report: From Dream to Reality Courage, Commitment, and Determination

Impact Report

NCLR has long contended that the Hispanic agenda is a quintessentially American agenda.

Despite its diversity, the Hispanic community shares key core values with the majority of Americans–a solid work ethic, personal responsibility, and a high priority on family, patriotism, and spiritualism. These values contribute to creating a strong, prosperous, and fair society in which all citizens have opportunities to transform dreams into reality. NCLR’s 2003 Annual Report presents an overview of the work we and our Affiliates have undertaken to make possible a brighter outlook for the nation’s Hispanics. Indeed, individuals, grassroots organizations, policymakers, and political officials all have a role in shaping the future, and the steps taken now to improving the lives of our students, workers, and taxpayers will benefit the nation as a whole in the long term.


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