Latinos in the Keystone State Protecting and Defending Progress in Pennsylvania


Hit particularly hard by the economic crisis, Hispanic Pennsylvanians have seen commonsense policies put in place and their hard work begin to pay off following the Great Recession. Given the Latino community’s size, work ethic, and industrious spirit, they have contributed to the Keystone State’s economic resurgence. However, challenges lie ahead as the nation finds itself with a new Congress, a new president, and a public that is deeply-divided. This fact sheet examines Latinos’ status across a range of indicators in Pennsylvania to help lawmakers and advocates better understand how far the Latino community has come since the Great Recession, what is at stake for the Keystone State’s economic future if policies and protections are rolled back, and what more can be done to ensure that Latinos, and all Pennsylvanians, continue to advance their economic security.


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