We Need a Solution for the Border, but the Senate Deal Is Not the Answer

Washington, D.C. – The following statement was released tonight by Janet Murguía, UnidosUS President and CEO. 

“On behalf of UnidosUS, we want to express our deep disappointment with the bipartisan border agreement struck in the U.S. Senate with support of the Biden administration. In addition to its harsh and unworkable measures at the border, the plan does nothing to resolve the status of the long-term undocumented, who are our family members, coworkers, schoolmates, and neighbors. Congressional refusal to address this status has harmed our nation for a generation or more.  

“Latinos and their fellow Americans have long supported balanced solutions that couple smart enforcement with relief for immigrants already here. We acknowledge the challenges faced by the Biden administration in navigating obstruction and partisan politics in Congress to advance legalization and better manage migrant arrivals at the southern border. We know that the recent migration to the southern border is unsustainable and demands a response that results in a safe, orderly border consistent with our sovereignty and our values. Unfortunately, though, this deal is not the solution our country needs. 

“While we appreciate that the bill includes necessary investments in the asylum system, has considerations for particularly vulnerable populations, and restricts the harshest enforcement from being expanded beyond the border, the bill overall is starkly punitive. A deficient deal that fails to improve conditions at the border and reduces vital protections will only open the door to far harsher steps that will worsen the humanitarian crisis. We believe that this is not an outcome that the vast majority of Latinos can support.   

“And it is insulting and outrageous that our Latino leaders, who represent the communities most impacted by this proposal, were not included in these negotiations. This deal is an alarming sign that we are headed in the wrong direction on immigration policy. The only workable solution is a broad plan that deals with all aspects of our outdated immigration system—including a functioning asylum process as part of a safe, secure border; legal status for long-term residents, including DREAMers; and prioritizing the ability of future workers to enter legally to fulfill the needs of our economy. It is far past time—more than three decades overdue—for Congress to stop posturing and act on a real solution.”