UnidosUS Calls for Immediate Resignation of LA City Council Members

Like millions of Latinos and Latinas in California and across the country, UnidosUS is appalled and disgusted by the astonishingly racist and dehumanizing comments by these elected officials and community leaders which came to light over the weekend via the Los Angeles Times 

We expect our leaders to help unite, not divide, communities and to at the very least be respectful of—and accountable to—the people they were elected to serve. Anything less is unacceptable from them both as leaders and as human beings.  

Apologies and stepping away from leadership posts are first steps toward repairing the damage and pain their behavior has caused—but that is not enough. With these harmful remarks, these leaders have revealed themselves to be unworthy of the offices they hold and have forfeited the privilege of representing the highly diverse city of Los Angeles. All must resign immediately.