President Biden’s State of the Union Address Was a Strong Push for Unity and for Completing His Agenda

WASHINGTON, DC— During his State of the Union Address, President Biden noted key accomplishments of his administration, including the enactment of the American Rescue Plan Act and the bipartisan infrastructure package, that have had a significant impact on our Latino community and our country.

Together these initiatives invest more than $3 trillion in critical pandemic relief and historic physical infrastructure, and represent remarkable progress given the challenges President Biden and the nation faced throughout 2021. But we agree with his acknowledgement that more must be done.

In reaction to President Biden’s speech, UnidosUS President and CEO Janet Murguía issued the following statement:

“After appropriately expressing our nation’s solidarity with the people of Ukraine, the president gave a forceful speech for his agenda in his State of the Union remarks. We applaud President Biden’s leadership and the accomplishments he highlighted that have helped Hispanics, and all Americans, weather the health and economic challenges brought on by the global pandemic, rebuild our infrastructure, and create jobs to move our communities toward a better and stronger future.

“We appreciate that the president also articulated his commitment to a stronger recovery, despite the obstacles and challenges in Congress. Latinos and our country cannot afford to return to the pre-pandemic status quo of entrenched social and economic disparities. Our nation’s 62 million Latinos need continuing support from the president and from Congress to improve the lives and futures of their children and families, including—among other things—the expanded Child Tax Credit, targeted mental health services, improved health care, nutrition services, quality education, affordable housing, and access to better jobs. And the Senate should heed the president’s call to immediately pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act and the Freedom to Vote Act.

“Finally, we commend the president for making the moral and economic case for a path to citizenship for Dreamers, farmworkers, TPS holders, essential workers and many other immigrants who have stood up for America during the pandemic, which will only make America stronger. The vast majority of Americans agree. These workers play a key role in fueling our economic recovery, and legalizing immigrant workers with deep family and economic ties to the United States will reduce labor shortages and supply chain bottlenecks. The proof of the president’s commitment, though, will be in his actions following these remarks, including using his own executive authority to act on behalf of immigrant essential workers, should Congress fail to act.”