Rise Above: A Campaign to Tap the Strength of Our Diversity

UnidosUS launches research-based campaign and digital activities to advance a positive vision of our nation’s shared future

WASHINGTON, DC—UnidosUS (formerly NCLR) is launching the Rise Above campaign to strengthen the ties that bind us as a country, by elevating actions people and organizations take every day to help communities thrive. The campaign provides tools and activities to encourage a larger share of Americans to rise above racial, political and ideological differences; ignite problem-solving; and unite around a positive vision of our shared future.

The initiative is driven by research conducted by Lake Research Partners, in conjunction with UnidosUS and The Opportunity Agenda. The research found that Americans overwhelmingly believe that diversity makes us stronger as a country (80 percent of those surveyed agreed, including 66 percent who strongly agreed). The majority of those surveyed (84 percent) have concerns about the current negative tone of politics, see racial divisions as a serious problem (83 percent), and believe that government has an important role to play in ensuring every American has equal opportunity (81 percent).

“Together we can build an accurate story of who we aspire to be as a nation, one that recognizes our diversity as a national strength and has a place for every one of us,” said Clarissa Martinez De Castro, Deputy Vice President, UnidosUS. “We are being constantly assaulted by narratives that attempt to divide us; Rise Above is an antidote to that toxicity, showing what is possible when we come together regardless of color, religion, origin or affiliation.”

On October 18, the campaign is organizing “Many Stories, One Nation,” a national day of story-sharing. Via a dedicated website and social media, “Many Stories, One Nation” will provide a space to share stories, ideas, actions and events that show how people and communities nationwide are working together to ensure America reaches its highest potential.

UnidosUS has also partnered with the award-winning pop duo Jesse and Joy, who will share their perspectives on social media of how our country’s diversity and youth drive creativity and innovation.

“We are proud to partner with UnidosUS on Rise Above. Rise Above encourages everyone—whether Hispanic or not—to appreciate who they are and let them know their story is valuable, powerful and necessary,” the duo said.

The Rise Above initiative has begun to engage hundreds of partners, including a core group of approximately 20 UnidosUS Affiliates in six states that have committed to holding activities related to the initiative. These Affiliates include:

– Chicanos Por La Causa, Inc.; Promise Arizona; and Valle del Sol, Inc. in Phoenix, Arizona
– Hispanic Unity of Florida, Inc. in Hollywood, Florida
– Redlands Christian Migrant Association in Immokalee, Florida
– Amigos For Kids in Miami, Florida
– El Centro Hispano, Inc. in Durham, North Carolina
– Latino Network in Portland, Oregon
– Latino Memphis, Inc. in Memphis, Tennessee
– Conexión Américas in Nashville, Tennessee
– Mary’s Center in Washington, DC and Maryland
– Latin American Youth Center and Maryland Multicultural Youth Centers in the Washington, DC area

More information about the initiative can be found here and on Twitter @WeAreUnidosUS (#RiseAbove). This initiative was made possible thanks to the support of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

About the research methodology

Findings are based on qualitative and quantitative research conducted by Lake Research Partners.

Focus Groups: Conducted 6 focus groups in 2017 in Charlotte, NC, on January 23 with White women and mixed-gender African Americans; Phoenix, AZ, on January 25, with White men and mixed-gender Latinos; and Baltimore, MD, on February 15, White men and White women. Participants were recruited to be moderate to independent lean-partisan, with a mix of marital status and education level.

National Online Dial Survey: Survey conducted online from March 1 through 6, 2017. The survey reached a total of 1,000 registered voters nationwide with oversamples of 100 African Americans, 100 Latinos, and 100 millennials. The margin of error for the nationwide registered voter sample is +/-3.1%. It is larger for subgroups.