UnidosUS Launches 50th Anniversary Campaign for Equal Opportunity

WASHINGTON, DC—Today at the 2018 UnidosUS Annual Conference, UnidosUS (formerly NCLR) announced the launch of its 50th anniversary campaign—the Campaign for Equal Opportunity. This fundraising initiative seeks to raise $50 million to accelerate UnidosUS’s investments in three key areas: amplify the voice of the Hispanic community in national debates; drive the expansion of proven strategies to achieve the greatest impact on communities nationwide; and strengthen the organization’s capacity to seize new opportunities and advance its mission of building an America where economic, political, and social advancement is a reality for all Latinos.

Since its founding in 1968, UnidosUS has created opportunities for Hispanic Americans by working across issues such as health care, education, economic justice, and immigration. The Campaign for Equal Opportunity will allow the organization to build on its record of achievement in helping Latinos through:

  • Policy successes that have impacted millions of families.
  • Programs that have increased skills and knowledge for hundreds of thousands of people.
  • Strengthening a community-based Affiliate Network that touches nearly 8 million people every year.
  • Mobilizing hundreds of thousands to use their voice and their vote for positive change

“This is a defining moment in our nation’s history, and Latinos represent the country’s greatest potential to lead us on a path to justice. Sixty percent of Hispanics are under the age of 33. One of three new employees in the nation’s workforce is Latino. And every year, nearly 1 million U.S.-born Hispanics become eligible to vote. The Campaign for Equal Opportunity will allow us to continue to advocate so that Latinos and all Americans can live in a country where college dreams are realized, not dashed; where owning a home is the rule, not the exception; where we are all treated with dignity, not disdain; and where we can all live freely, not in fear,” said Janet Murguía, UnidosUS President and CEO.

The Co-Chairs of the Campaign are Jose Villarreal and Fred Fernandez, who have long ties to UnidosUS serving respectively as former Board Chair and former Corporate Board Advisor member. The Campaign will draw on the support and leadership of a Steering Committee composed of prominent leaders including: Hon. Ed Pastor, Gil Vasquez, Rita diMartino, Tony Salazar, Audrey Alvarado, Ramon Murguía, Monica Lozano, Andrea Bazan, Danny Ortega, Jorge Plasencia, Renata Soto, Maria Salinas, and Sergio Gonzalez.

“Our fundraising goal is ambitious, but we are well on our way toward achieving it,” said Jose Villarreal, Co-Chair of the Campaign. “Thanks to the generosity of those who have made leadership gifts since May 2017, we have already achieved about 50 percent of our goal. Given the loyalty and commitment shared by our lead donors and friends, we are confident that we will meet and exceed this goal.”