UnidosUS: Passage of Republican House Farm Bill is a Continued Assault on Hardworking Americans

WASHINGTON, DC—In a 213-211 vote, House Republicans successfully passed their version of the farm bill, H.R. 2, the “Agriculture and Nutrition Act of 2018.” The bill, which failed to pass earlier in the month due to dynamics around immigration and opposition from some moderate Republicans, undermines the health and economic security of millions of hardworking Americans. H.R. 2 guts the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), the nation’s most effective anti-hunger program, and according to the Congressional Budget Office, H.R. 2 would result in at least two million people losing or experiencing a reduction in their SNAP benefits.

More than 40 million Americans, including 10 million Latino children and families, depend on SNAP for food and nutrition. In 2015, SNAP lifted at least 1.2 million Latinos out of poverty. Given the high rates of food insecurity facing many Latino households, the program has been a lifeline for working families struggling to make ends meet and avoid hunger. In fact, one in four Latino children live in households struggling to avoid hunger. The House Republican farm bill would jeopardize this important program by gutting nearly $20 billion in SNAP funding and proposing unnecessary restrictions on SNAP eligibility that would make it harder for Latino workers to participate.

“President Trump and his Republican allies in Congress have been tenacious in pursuing an anti-family and anti-Latino partisan agenda that pulls the rug out from under hardworking Americans while benefiting the wealthiest few. Taking food out of the mouths of children, seniors and disabled individuals is particularly cruel and reflects a blatant disregard of the needs of the most vulnerable members of our community. Republican leaders had a chance to pass a bipartisan bill that helps all Americans and they failed miserably,” said UnidosUS President and CEO Janet Murguía.