Trump’s Executive Order: Retreat and Misdirection

Executive order does not end indefinite detentions for families, children

WASHINGTON, D.C.—UnidosUS President and CEO Janet Murguía issued the following statement in reaction to Trump’s executive order:

“Let’s recognize what happened today. First, President Trump admitted he was lying and his administration was misleading the American people when he blamed anybody but himself for this cruel and barbaric policy. This executive order is proof that traumatizing children by taking them away from their parents is his policy and that despite a lot of nonsense claiming otherwise, he was able to end it. Second, it was the overwhelming outrage and immense pressure from the Latino, immigrant rights, civil rights, and human rights communities, and of people of good will and good conscience in this country who were sickened by this violation of common decency and our common American values, that forced the president’s hand.

“We need to keep this outrage and pressure going. Despite being rebuked by nearly everyone, the president issued an executive order that is nearly all misdirection. We cannot allow the barbaric and un-American treatment of those seeking refuge from violence and persecution to continue by other means such as indefinite detention of families and storing these families in military installations. Today proved we could fight back, but we need to keep fighting until we get a real, fair, and humane immigration solution.

“Republicans in the House of Representatives, who are due to vote on a series of partisan immigration bills, have a choice to make: will they become enablers of this immoral policy and an extreme anti-immigrant agenda, or will they fight for real solutions and America’s ideals? UnidosUS calls on members of Congress to reject these divisive measures, including those that provide billions in funding for a wall that won’t work, and for a mass deportation force to place even more children in detention. These policies run contrary to our core values as a nation and it is why the overwhelming majority of the American people have rejected them.”