UnidosUS: Trump’s New “Immigration Plan” is a Non-Starter, Woefully Out of Touch with the Real Issues Facing Our Immigration System

WASHINGTON, DC—Today, the White House presented a new proposal to overhaul the country’s immigration system, which does nothing to address the country’s real challenges, according to UnidosUS (formerly known as the National Council of La Raza).

UnidosUS Senior Policy Advisor Carlos Guevara issued the following statement in response:

“The immigration proposal introduced by the White House today completely avoids addressing the most critical issues facing our immigration system and does nothing to fix the devastation of family separations in communities across our country. Also, it doesn’t do anything for DACA and TPS recipients, who are an integral part of our society. Instead, their plan proposes changing the face of legal immigrants to favor the “best,” which really means the rich, at the expense of reuniting immigrant families. This type of proposal has been rejected by both parties multiple times before and for good reasons. The proposal is unenforceable. There are real, understandable and powerful human impulses to reunite with family that this measure ignores.

President Trump’s plan also tries to get more taxpayer money for the wall and does nothing to address the real challenges at the border. We don’t need to keep throwing money at the same strategy that has failed to deliver results during this administration. We need real solutions, which would include modernizing our ports of entry, addressing the causes of migration and regional refugee processing centers, among others. This isn’t a serious effort to address the real issues and the administration knows it.

This proposal is dead on arrival. It’s not the type of bill that would unify Republicans, and Democrats won’t support it either. We are an organization that works with both parties to find solutions to our broken immigration system, and we can say that this bill does nothing to break the impasse we’re in.”