UnidosUS President and CEO: Confirmation of Mayorkas for DHS Historic, Vital, and Overdue

WASHINGTON, DC—Following the confirmation of Alejandro Mayorkas as Department of Homeland Security Secretary, UnidosUS President and CEO Janet Murguía issued this statement:

“The confirmation of Alejandro Mayorkas by a 56 to 43 vote is historic and vital to the nation’s security. He is the first Latino and immigrant to ever lead the Department of Homeland Security and an exceptional choice at a critical time. Our country is facing both immediate external and internal threats and we also have a once in a generation chance to make real and lasting change to our immigration policies by rejecting the cruel and hateful anti-immigrant policies of the last four years Secretary Mayorkas’ expertise, experience, and proven record of effective and humane policymaking and implementation will be invaluable in his new role.

“It was unfortunate that it took as long as it did to confirm Secretary Mayorkas. In previous administrations, there was a longstanding, historical, and bipartisan precedent for national security nominees to be confirmed on the first day of a new administration. Not so this time, and it is shameful that many Republicans—except for a few brave patriots—recklessly played partisan politics at the cost of our national security. And now our country is safer.”