Latinos and the Economy: After the Pandemic, What Now?

Virtual Webinar

This event has already taken place. | Thursday, October 13th, 2022 | Online

UnidosUS economic policy team and researchers at the Institute for Child, Youth and Family Policy at Brandeis University are hosting  a data-rich briefing on the key next steps for policymakers seeking to understand and serve the economic needs of the Latino community at this moment.

As we emerge from the pandemic and its economic toll, Latino economic dynamism—and the potential for even greater contribution, is clear. Consider: if U.S.-based Latinos were a country, their economic output would place that country fifth in the world. Latino buying power in the United States will soon exceed $2.5 trillion per year. Latino contributions to the economy—through hard work and business entrepreneurship—are also clearly visible in our national economic recovery.

Yet, too many are living on the financial edge, carrying too much debt, holding too little savings. Recent polls—some of the most complete to-date—show that rising costs of living and a need for high-quality jobs remain at the forefront of Latino voters’ concerns as the mid-term elections approach.

As a fast growing segment of the American electorate that hold the potential to be a decisive force in these mid-term elections, understanding the economic concerns of Latinos’ is essential for policymakers. Unlocking the dynamism of Latino economic power will require policies that make a difference for the community and other communities of color.

This briefing will cover equitable banking policies, steps to advance homeownership and the need for tax credits that support families and children. In addition, we will provide insights and data from several new and timely polls in the context of the specific policies we seek to improve the lives and economic standing of the community.

Resources from the webinar

National poll on Hispanic Voters

Brandeis University Research

Access to Credit

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