From Invisibility to Inclusion: Elevating Latino Voices in News about Racial Equity

Virtual Webinar

This event has already taken place. | Wednesday, March 15th, 2023 | Online

In recent years we’ve seen a surging public discourse in the news media around racial justice, as well as much-needed discussion about whether the people who tell our stories and catalog our history reflect the communities they represent. In a new report, UnidosUS and the Berkeley Media Studies Group explore findings that show the Latino voice and experience in news about racial equity have been largely left out of the news cycle.

News coverage provides an important window into the public discourse about any issue. Editorial decisions about which topics to cover—and which to omit—influence whether an issue becomes part of public discussion or remains hidden from view. What’s more, the way issues are portrayed in the news affects how the public, policymakers, and allies in the fight for racial justice understand those issues, what to do about them, and—critically—who is affected by them.

This panel discussion will dig into the presence and absence of Hispanics in coverage of racial equity issues, both as sources in stories and as news creators. We will examine the steps advocates, journalists, and newsroom leadership can take to ensure more nuanced, inclusive, and accurate coverage of racial equity issues in our multiracial society.


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