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This event has already taken place. | Thursday, July 2nd, 2020 | Online

In a non-pandemic world, our Líderes Avanzando fellows, students of the UnidosUS program that supports first-generation Latino undergrads in their first and second years of college, would’ve been in Washington DC this month to visit their representatives and advocate for the issues they focused on during their fellowship. This year has changed all our plans, but we are still giving our fellows a platform for them to advocate: an online webinar moderated by Curly Velasquez, Content Creator at Buzzfeed’s Latinx Division, Pero Like.

During a lively panel, three of our fellows discussed why they wanted to apply to the Líderes Avanzando fellowship and learn more about advocacy, what have been the biggest lessons they’ve learned, how COVID-19 has affected them and more. Meet our panelists:

  • Jaime Bonilla, a fourth-year student at University of Minnesota studying political science.
  • Tania Crescencio, a junior at Cumberland University in Tennessee getting her B.F.A. in Studio Art, Minor in Marketing.
  • Gloria Rodriguez, a junior at Bloomfield College in New Jersey working towards her Early Childhood Education with Special Education Certification.

One of the most inspiring and engaging parts of the conversation arrived when the fellows were asked about the current civil unrest our country is going through.

Bonilla talked proudly about the reaction to the movement: “Every community has said and become vocal of the injustice.” Crescencio has also been very involved and had had many good conversations where she’s learned and listened, “however, I also have other conversations that do not go so well.” Rodriguez said how much she’s learning and trying to understand the challenges the Black community faces so she’s ready to support her students in the future.

They all expressed the importance of joining this movement and how they want to continue advocating for Black Lives Matter.

The webinar finished with a few call-to-actions for our attendees, of which you can also be a part of:

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You can watch the full webinar below:

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