Back in the Classroom: Return, Recover, & Reimagine

Virtual Webinar

This event has already taken place. | Thursday, October 28th, 2021 | Online

The discussion that took place during this webinar focused on understanding how reopening schools through the pandemic has affected students; sharing strategies on how to seek assistance from teachers, pediatricians, and community programs; and hearing from parents about how the past year and a half has affected the lives of their families.

But this discussion is only the beginning steps to ensuring our children, their well-being, and their education are being accommodated. Parents are their children’s biggest advocates and cheerleaders. As parents, do not be afraid to voice your opinions with educators and pediatricians, and to always acknowledge and seek assistance if you see a noticeable change in your kids’ behavior.

We encourage you to use the list of resources below to find connections with others, seek proper assistance in helping the development of your child, and gain knowledge about the current state of education in your community and in the country.


American Federation of Teachers

  • Share My Lesson is for educators and families. Get access to FREE, high-quality lesson plans for all grade levels. Brochure: How parents can use Share My Lesson

American Academy of Pediatrics 

Take N.O.T.E Understood

COVID-19 Resources

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