Why HCR 2060 is Bad for Arizona

Why HCR 2060 is Bad for Arizona


HCR 2060 is a dangerous proposal that threatens the well-being of Arizona’s communities and economy. This anti-immigrant measure would allow law enforcement officers to stop individuals based solely on their appearance, demanding proof of legal status. This practice, known as racial profiling, unfairly targets people of color and instills fear in our neighborhoods.

The economic impact of HCR 2060 would be devastating. Businesses rely on diverse workforces and customer bases to thrive. Businesses could close if people feel unsafe going out, resulting in significant job losses. Additionally, enforcing this measure would cost Arizona taxpayers over $1 billion. These funds likely would come from increased taxes or cuts to essential services like education, healthcare, and infrastructure.

Specifically, this plan could reduce thousands of teaching jobs, less funding for hospitals, and deteriorating roads. Moreover, HCR 2060 is not about enhancing border security or addressing the drug smuggling crisis. It diverts resources from these critical issues to unfairly target hard-working communities.

UnidosUS strongly opposes HCR 2060 because it promotes racial profiling, harms local businesses, and misuses taxpayer money. Instead of creating a safer and healthier Arizona, this measure would create fear and division, making our state less welcoming for all residents.

Join us in saying “No” to HCR 2060 to protect Arizona’s future.

Watch the video to learn more about its harmful impacts, and share it with your community to help spread the word.

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