Latino State Fact Sheet


This series profiles Latinos in the 35 U.S. states with the largest Latino population, largest proportion of Latinos, and the largest growth in the Latino population from 2000 to 2008. The most dramatic Hispanic population growth has occurred in new gateway states, and Hispanics now account for 15.8% of the U.S. population, or 48.4 million people. Each fact sheet provides state-specific information on the economic well-being, education, health insurance coverage, homeownership, and electoral participation of Hispanics. In addition, the fact sheets include a breakdown of the age, citizenship status, and ethnic subgroups of Hispanics in each state. Top 15 States with the Largest Latino Population, 2008 1. California 9. New Mexico 2. Texas 10. Georgia 3. Florida 11. North Carolina 4. New York 12. Nevada 5. Illinois 13. Washington 6. Arizona 14. Pennsylvania 7. New Jersey 15. Massachusetts 8. Colorado Top 15 States with the Largest Percent Growth of the Latino Population, 2000-2008 1. South Carolina 9. Kentucky 2. South Dakota 10. North Dakota 3. Tennessee 11. Nevada 4. Arkansas 12. New Hampshire 5. North Carolina 13. West Virginia 6. Maine 14. Mississippi 7. Georgia 15. Maryland 8. Alabama Top 15 States with the Largest Latino Proportion of the Population, 2008 1. New Mexico 9. New Jersey 2. California 10. Illinois 3. Texas 11. Utah 4. Arizona 12. Connecticut 5. Nevada 13. Rhode Island 6. Florida 14. Oregon 7. Colorado 15. Idaho 8. New York

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