2020 American Election Eve Poll: Researchers Share Findings and Implications

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Washington, DC — On a webinar held today, researchers presented the key findings and implications of the 2020 American Election Eve Poll, a survey of 15,000-plus voters that provides the most accurate information about the 2020 vote choices and motivations of African American, Asian American/Pacific Islander, Latino/Latinx, and American Indian voters.

Detailed national and state-specific results are available on the interactive website: https://electioneve2020.com/.

The researchers hail from Latino Decisions, the African American Research Collaborative, Asian American Decisions, and the National Congress of American Indians:

Gary Segura of Latino Decisions: “While there is incredible consensus on national priorities, with COVID-19 dominating among all voters, there also is clear racial polarization in the electorate. The white vote has simply not moved since four years ago and white women are simply not a Dem constituency group, no matter how many column inches are exhausted on this notion. And gender, geography, and national origin complicate our understanding of minority voters – it’s important to remember to not be too focused on any particular single location. Miami, as important as it is, is 3.1 percent of the national Latino vote and Arizona is 3.8 percent, so we need to avoid any drift toward a myopic focus.”

Henry Fernandez of the African American Research Collaborative: “People of color turned out overwhelmingly for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and white people turned out in a big way for Donald Trump.  If Joe Biden wins, it means that a coalition led by people of color is now the dominant political reality in the U.S. Most decisions Trump made as President and in his campaign were about stopping this transition to a country that is no longer dominated politically by white voters. It’s why he had kids in cages and the Muslim ban. It’s why he protects Confederate monuments and calls Coronavirus the China Flu. He’s trying to turn back this sea change in American politics — a progressive sea change that has led to better health coverage, a focus on police reform, and a House of Representatives that has fought Trump for the last two years.”

Taeku Lee of Asian American Decisions: “2020 continues the pattern that has been building over the last several elections of Asian Americans as a solid, steady partner in the rising, progressive Democratic coalition of voters of color in America. They are staunch Democrats, overwhelmingly liberal on the issues, and see four more years of a Trump Administration and the rising tide of white nationalism as a hostile threat to Asian Americans and to communities of color.”

Yvette Roubideaux, Vice President of Research at the National Congress of American Indians: “American Indian voters were found to favor the candidate Vice President Biden almost two times more than President Trump, and compared to other groups, a higher percentage of American Indians voted to support and represent their community beyond their candidate preferences. This is consistent with the strong community orientation of our tribal nations. The results also confirm the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on American Indians and the need for further stimulus funding.”

Select national findings from the 2020 American Election Eve Poll:

Presidential vote choice (national)

  • African Americans voted for Joe Biden over Donald Trump 89%-9%
  • Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders voted for Joe Biden over Donald Trump 68%-28%
  • Latinos voted for Joe Biden over Donald Trump 70%-27%
  • American Indians voted for Joe Biden over Donald Trump 60%-35%
    Whites voted for Donald Trump over Joe Biden 56%-41%

Most important issues facing your community that our politicians should address (national)

  • African Americans: Coronavirus pandemic – 55%; Discrimination/racial justice – 37%; Jobs and economy – 34%
  • Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders: Coronavirus pandemic – 58%; Jobs and economy – 44%; Health care costs – 37%
  • Latinos: Coronavirus pandemic – 55%; Jobs and economy – 41%; Health care costs – 32%
  • American Indians: Coronavirus pandemic – 45%; Jobs and economy – 37%; Health care costs – 27%
  • Whites: Coronavirus pandemic – 48%; Jobs and economy – 40%; Health care costs – 28%

Additional Key Information About the American Election Eve Poll

  • The 2020 American Election Eve Poll includes over 15,000 voters nationally with oversamples of Latino/Latinx, African American, American Indian, Asian/Pacific Islander American, and rural voters, along with other voters; as well as state-specific samples for Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Texas and Wisconsin.
  • The interactive website https://electioneve2020.com/ will present the full array of poll data.
  • Additional AEEP rollout events on Thursday November 5 will provide detail and electoral context on the poll finding and takeaways for each voting community. Contact [email protected] for more information.
  • 11:00 AM ET: African American deep dive event
  • 12:30 PM ET: Asian American Pacific Islander deep dive event
  • 2:00 PM ET: Latino deep dive event

Pollsters and Sponsors

The lead pollsters for the 2020 American Election Eve Poll include Latino Decisions, Asian American Decisions and the African American Research Collaborative.

Sponsoring organizations include: AAPI Civic Engagement Fund, NAACP, America’s Voice, UnidosUS, Advancement Project, Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum, Community Change, Demos, Faith In Action, Florida Alliance, Indivisible, League of Conservation Voters, Momento Latino, National Congress of American Indians, National Domestic Workers Alliance, National Urban League, Race Forward, RuralOrganizing.org, SEIU, Vera Institute of Justice, Voter Participation Center.