Renowned Political Cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz to Highlight 50 years of UnidosUS in Upcoming Graphic Chronicle

WASHINGTON, DC—Today at the at the 2018 UnidosUS Annual Conference and 50th Anniversary Celebration, renowned political cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz, announced the release of his upcoming Graphic Chronicle commemorating 50 years of UnidosUS’s work in the civil rights space. Lalo Alcaraz is an award winning visual/media artist and television/film writer based in Los Angeles who has been chronicling the ascendancy of Latinos in the US for a quarter century. In 2017, Alcaraz was given UnidosUS Ruben Salazar Award

The UnidosUS Commemorative Graphic Chronicle will take a look back at the development of the organization through the years, it’s societal influence and achievements in research, advocacy, program development and its work with what is now an Affiliate network of almost 300 grassroots organizations. The publication will also offer audiences a look at the social and emotional impact of the group’s work, highlighting how UnidosUS has been integral to shaping positive developments and achievements, not just for Latinos, but in the broader context of its contributions to American society as a whole.

““We are very excited to announce the upcoming release of a graphic chronicle by renowned cartoonist and write Lalo Alcaraz highlighting the history of Latinos in this country and also of UnidosUS to help celebrate our 50th anniversary. We wanted to tell our story to a new generation of Americans, especially young people, and we can’t think of anyone who can do that in the highly entertaining but also informative and educational way a master of the form like Lalo can,” said Janet Murguia, President and CEO, UnidosUS.

The Graphic chronicle is set to release in Winter 2018 and UnidosUS will make the book available to organizational leaders, funders, donors, partners and to the general public as part of the organization’s 50th anniversary fundraising campaign.

“I want to create a graphic chronicle that will give not only the historical context of UnidosUS, and explain its mission to the greater public, but also shows the historical context of Latinos in the US, and points to its challenges. Hopefully this chronicle will help readers realize that they are not alone in fighting for social justice, and that this knowledge will motivate people to either start or continue the struggle to help lift our communities, especially in these difficult times,” said Lalo Alcaraz.