Statement by UnidosUS on Enactment of Senate Bill 168

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.—UnidosUS (formerly NCLR)—the nation’s largest Latino civil rights and advocacy organization—today issued the following statement by Jared Nordlund, Florida Senior Strategist, in response to Governor Ron DeSantis signing Senate Bill 168 into law. The law will essentially require local and state law enforcement to serve as federal immigration agents and ban so-called “sanctuary city” policies, even though none exist in the state.

“With his signature on SB 168, Governor DeSantis chose the politics of division over Florida’s interests. It will now foster unequal treatment under the law and put all Latinos in the crosshairs of racial profiling—residents and tourists alike, regardless of immigration status.

“As human beings, what keeps us safe is living in communities where we treat each other like neighbors, regardless of our differences or where we come from. Despite this core societal value, the new law threatens millions of Florida families and stands to impact the state’s economy. It creates a hostile environment for immigrants, undermines trust in law enforcement and could potentially cause workers in critical industries such as tourism, agriculture and construction to leave the Sunshine State.

“This was an unnecessary step for Governor DeSantis to take, and UnidosUS, along with our Florida Affiliate Network, joined local businesses, law enforcement, faith and nongovernmental organizations, in raising our voices against this measure. The fight is not over, and we will remain engaged in this issue.”

–Jared Nordlund, Florida Senior Strategist, UnidosUS