The official HOME campaign logo featuring the UnidosUS logo in red and grey over HOME in dark blue, with the 'O' in the shape of a house with a red roof and chimney. The phrase "Home ownership means equity" is below.

Transform the economic trajectory of Latinos by advancing systemic change to enable the creation of 4 million new Hispanic homeowners by 2030.

For the last 8 years, Latinos have been the only demographic to experience consistent growth in their homeownership rate


Between 2020 and 2040


of net new homeowners will be Latino.

Latino homeowners have


the wealth of Latino renters.

Today, almost


Latinos are mortgage ready.

How we're moving Latino homeownership forward

We are uniquely positioned to achieve our goal by combining our reputation and expertise across programs, policy, community outreach, and national partnerships.

Systems change

By working with policymakers, we will identify solutions that support Latino homeownership. Our policy agenda focuses on improving homebuyer readiness, expanding access to credit, increasing housing supply, preserving homeownership, and increasing Latino representation in housing leadership roles.

Communications strategy

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Building and sharing the Latino homeownership story will inspire consumer awareness and behavior as well as recruit allies in the industry, government, and general public. Interest in the impacts of Latino homeownership on the U.S. economy is key to systemic change.

Test and scale solutions

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Collaboration with trusted leaders of our nearly 300 Affiliates across the nation will enable us to conduct community outreach, utilize thoughtful insights, connect with local and state policymakers, and generate the high-momentum needed for transformational change.

Targeted investments

Our first cohort of the HOMEownership Solutions Network will allow us to test approaches for expanding Latino homeownership, invest in Latino housing initiatives, and train more housing counselors and financial coaches through the UnidosUS Learning Alliance.

Research and data

Data analytics will validate high-impact interventions and develop evidence-based recommendations, monitor efforts and impact, and conduct a multi-year research agenda in partnership with academics, industry thought leaders, and researches nationwide.

We are well-positioned to lead this effort

Our expertise


Our Esperanza Hope for All campaign’s comprehensive efforts reached more than 24 million individuals in 2021 and helped the Latino community exceed vaccine parity during the COVID-19 pandemic. Further, the ¡Adelante! 2020 campaign registered 127,000 voters, reaching over 45 million individuals across digital platforms.

A black and white screenshot of the Esperanza Campaign digital toolkit, with a black and white photo of a woman wearing a mask and holding a brochure layered on top.


Through the Raza Development Fund (RDF), a UnidosUS support corporation and the largest Latino-serving Community Development Financial Institution in the country, we have deployed much needed capital in Latino communities, including investments in creating affordable housing.

Since its inception, RDF has provided organizations serving Latino families in 38 states with technical assistance and financings In excess of $1 billion, which have leveraged over $5 billion in private and public capital for education, childcare, affordable housing, social services projects, and more.

The cover of the "The Raza Development Fund" brochure in black and white.


UnidosUS has nearly 300 community-based Affiliate organizations that directly serve the Latino population across the country. Our Affiliates know firsthand the practical concerns and issues that affect their constituencies and work with us to implement innovative solutions to address them.

2024 UnidosUS Affiliate Map (March)


For more than 25 years, UnidosUS has operated one of the largest HUD-certified housing counseling networks, with nearly 50 housing counseling agencies in 27 states and a nationwide call center.

A black and white photograph of members of Neighborhood Housing Services standing on a porch with an African-American couple.

Our partners

We’re partnering with organizations who are dedicated to increasing Latino homeownership.

Wells Fargo

The Wells Fargo logo

Wells Fargo is an anchor funder and champion of the UnidosUS HOME initiative. Wells Fargo is committed to working with UnidosUS, our partners, and our community to help launch and execute a national campaign to support the creation of 4 million new Latino homeowners by 2030.

Urban Institute

Urban Institute logo

UnidosUS is partnering with the Urban Institute, an independent nonprofit research organization, on the Home Ownership Means Equity (HOME) initiative. The Urban Institute provides research and data analytics to inform and assess the HOME initiative’s goal to increase the Latino homeownership rate and enable 4 million more Latino households to become homeowners by 2030.

Raza Development Fund

RDF Fall Affiliate Convening sponsor

Raza Development Fund (RDF), a UnidosUS support corporation and the country's largest Latino-serving Community Development Financial Institution, is a partner in the HOME initiative. RDF is dedicated to investing in UnidosUS affiliates and other Latino-serving organizations to help catalyze the creation of 4 million new Latino homeowners by 2030.

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