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Transform the federal policy environment and the policy environments in selected states to remove systemic barriers to increase Latino homeownership.

UnidosUS is transforming the economic trajectory of Latino families by advancing systemic change to create 4 million new Latino homeowners by 2030. Meeting this goal is achievable by advancing a bold policy agenda, expanding our partnerships, deepening our community outreach, and elevating the salience of Latino homeownership.

Federal Policy Agenda

Improve homebuyer readiness

Invest in programs to increase Latino homebuyer readiness

Nearly 8M Latinos are mortgage-ready despite substantial structural barriers to wealth. It’s up to Congress to increase funding for housing counseling programs that improve homebuyer readiness.

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Expand access to credit

Eliminate barriers to credit access for Latinos to facilitate the home buying process

The more access Latinos have to responsible, non-predatory lending opportunities, the more Latinos can contribute to our nation’s economy and social fabric as homeowners.


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Increase housing supply

Promote policies and incentives that increase housing supply, especially for first-time homebuyers

Latinos are, on average younger and more likely to be first-time homebuyers, but the availability of starter homes has been persistently declining in the U.S. housing market.

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Preserve homeownership for Latinos

Safeguard the generational wealth-building potential of homeownership

To preserve homeownership for Latinos, we need public policies that eliminate appraisal bias and facilitate the inter-generational transfer of wealth.


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