Affiliate spotlight: The Latin American Association’s Latinx in Tech Program is empowering Latinos in Georgia for jobs of the future

UnidosUS proudly spotlights the efforts of our Affiliate, the Latin American Association (LAA), for their crucial work implementing the Latinx in Tech program, empowering Georgia’s Latino community.  

Established in 1979, the Latin American Association has undergone a transformative journey over four decades, solidifying its position as the leading agency advocating for Latinos in Georgia. Offering a targeted menu of direct services, the LAA plays a crucial role in assisting Latino individuals in acclimating and contributing to the vibrant community of Georgia. The LAA’s track record of success make them a key partner in our Latinx in Tech program 

Ana G., Latinx in Tech program participant, at the LAA in Atlanta, GA.

The Latinx in Tech program offers a unique opportunity for participants to obtain industry-recognized Google Career Certificates in IT Support, Project Management, UX Design, or Data Analytics. Going beyond technical skills, the program integrates a 12-module professional skills curriculum tailored to the tech sector. The Google Career Certificates provided by the Latinx in Tech program serve as a valuable entry point for Hispanics seeking entry-level skills and access to opportunities within the technology industry. These programs are instrumental in diversifying the talent pool, ensuring that Latinos not only find inclusion but thrive in the jobs of the future.  

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From feeling stagnant to leading a critical IT project and securing a position in a Fortune 500 tech team, Marcelo’s transformative journey began with his decision to enroll in the Latinx in Tech program. Through this initiative, he not only landed a better job but also unearthed a career that genuinely offers opportunities for professional growth.

As a participant in the program, Marcelo shared his inspiring story: “I heard of the LAA a while back; my family used their immigration services. They posted about this opportunity with the Google certificates. And I already had a background in IT. I felt stuck. I was going from job to job, never finding the right spot, the right place where I would grow. At the time, I told my boss, he listened, [that] I’m taking this Google course from the LAA in Data Analytics. I told him, hey, this is what I can do, and he puts me to be the team’s lead for a specific project. It boosted my paycheck, which is really awesome. A lot of people don’t like doing these kinds of certificates because it takes work, it takes time from your day. Now I’m glad that, that Saturday I went to class.”  

You can view Marcelo’s complete testimony about his experience with Latinx in Tech below: 

Maria Jose Manzaba, the training programs manager at the Latin American Association, emphasized the significance of the Latinx in Tech program: “We noticed that the youngest population in our Latino community lacks opportunities. The Latinx in Tech program is a huge opportunity for them to start changing careers, and they can also start a professional career in the IT sector.” 

The dedication of the Latin American Association, coupled with success stories like Marcelo’s, exemplifies the transformative impact of the Latinx in Tech program. Together, we are breaking barriers, creating opportunities and ensuring that the Latino community is equipped for success in the ever-evolving landscape of technology.  

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